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The No Nonsense Hap Ki Do School
by Instructor Ian.Zachemski.Gibbs

No Nonsense Hap Ki Do is a practical self defense art that carries with it a tradition bound in history.

We selected the most realistic, effective and practical techniques that could be used in today's society.
These techniques can be used for personal protection regardless of what your attacker has...be it a knife, a gun or if there are multiple attackers.

Open to all,
Respectful to Tradition,
Searching for Perfection.
The No Nonsense Martial Arts Lineage

Hap Ki Do's three characters can be loosely translated to "the way of harmony". It is an eclectic martial art for self defence that incorporates joint locks, throws, precision striking and refined techniques from other martial arts styles. In keeping with the philosophy of Yin and Yang, Hap Ki Do is all about the unification of positive and negative, with combat at one end of its spectrum and healing at the other.

Hap Ki Do at its core places emphasis on circular motion, harmony and flow. One circular technique should flow into the other, in harmony with the energy of the opponent. Hap Ki Do practitioners can then create a "perfect storm" by applying hard striking techniques from long and short range or take advantage in confrontations using body positioning and leverage rather than applying direct strikes to cut, break or counter the strength of an attacker. Techniques in Hap Ki Do are evaluated on a basis of practicality and efficiency; if the motion stops or becomes mechanical in nature, the technique will most likely not be applicable in a combat situation and is therefore considered useless.

While sharing a historical lineage with the Japanese art of Aikido, there are differences in philosophy, application and intent between the two arts. Growing up in Japan, Hap Ki Do's inventor Choi Yong-Sool (November 9, 1904 – June 15, 1986) was a student of Takeda Sokaku, the founder of Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu, which is a martial arts system emphasizing empty handed methods based upon the sword styles and jujutsu tactics of the ancient Samurai class. In addition to Choi Yong-Sool, Takeda Sokaku is also famous for having taught Morihei Ueshiba the founder of Aikido.

Choi Yong-Sool would return to Korea after studying with Takeda Sokaku for over 30 years to pioneer an art-form blending both the soft techniques similar to Judo, Jujutsu and Aikido with hard techniques of his native Korea's Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do.

Hap Ki Do seeks to be a complete and efficient fighting style by avoiding narrow specialization in any particular type of technique or range of fighting. Instructors do not teach a single technique alone; rather they focus on the development of martial arts philosophy as well. It is vital that with each technique, the purpose for executing it is explained and understood. Further, one should be able to adapt the technique according to the situation and their ability. There are a wide variety of tactics for striking, standing joint locks, throwing techniques and pinning techniques rather than allowing fights to turn into sloppy wrestling matches. The founder of No Nonsense Hap Ki Do and third generation teacher, Ian.Zachemski.Gibbs worked in the nightclubs industry for over 13 years and he has the experience to say, "if you take someone to the ground their friends are going to be kicking you in the head or you are going to be rolling around in broken glass, a dirty wet floor, solid concrete or your attacker will pull out a knife and you will get stabbed. You don't have the time to go for an ankle lock, Kimura etc." The teacher's thoughts are, "if you end up on the ground get up as fast as you can or make sure you take less than ten seconds to stop the attacker you are on the ground with and be prepared for the possibility of defending another attack."

It is within this same spirit that Mr. Gibbs pushes his students to stay true Hap Ki Do's original purpose of efficient and at times devastating self-defence while adding in the benefits of his own years of experience as an expert in several martial arts disciplines. In addition, he takes his students through some of the most modern strength and conditioning routines available today coupled with ancient spirit and awareness boosting meditation techniques...all in the aim of producing a new generation of some of the world’s most complete martial artists and global citizens.

Instructor Ian.Zachemski.Gibbs Professional Profile
Instructor Ian.Zachemski.Gibbs is the founder and principal owner of No-Nonsense Hap Ki Do, Ontario. No-Nonsense Hap Ki Do was formed because of a need for quality, reality based training, which was flexible and practical enough for use in real world situations, for both children and adults.

Instructor Ian.Zachemski.Gibbs has studied various styles of martial arts for over 23 years, trained with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves, worked Security in nightclubs and has over 19 years of experience as a Personal Coach.

Current Certifications in Martial Arts

- 5th Degree NNMA Dan
- 5th Degree Dan ICTF Tae Kwon Do Certificate
- N.C.C.P Coaching Certificate
- Can Fit Fitness Kickboxing Certificate
- Savate Green Glove Certificate


No Nonsense Hap Ki Do Membership Includes
No Nonsense Hap Ki Do is Ontario's premier martial arts facility, located conveniently in Mississauga. It's both
clean and modern, and our wall-to-wall, specially designed, padded training floor allows students in all of our
classes to train seriously and safely. Ample free parking and modern training equipment are just a few of the
other reasons to make No Nonsense Martial Arts your martial arts home. Have a look at our courses and schedule below.
"Get Fit...The No Nonsense Way!"
No Nonsense offers the GTA's finest personal training. Helping you reach your goals quickly and safely!

Our Standard Training Courses Include:
 - One On One - Groups (2+) - Group Classes -
- Couples (LGBT Friendly) - Cardio Kickboxing
- BOOTCAMP (Indoor and Outdoor Programs) -

Specialized Fitness Courses Include:
 - Fat Loss - Muscle Gain - Toning - Power and Fitness -
- Olympic Weightlifting - Core Strength - Flexibility -

We offer personalized training designed to teach you professional technique and use of the equipment.



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The No Nonsense Hap Ki Do School Contract
The benefits of training Hap Ki Do are many. Within a few short weeks you will notice a change within you. There will be physical gains, endurance gains, agility and flexibility and much more. As you progress in our program, you will develop self-discipline and gain self-confidence. You will see the positive results achieved by you through the physical conditioning. Hap Ki Do will expand your outlook on life, as you will learn about philosophy, biomechanics, psychology, culture, history, tradition and human behaviour. Your sensitivity and awareness will increase. Your potential will be revealed.

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